Copywriting, business writing, public speaking techniques, marketing support and consistency....

These are some of the functions we provide for you.  When you're afraid to face a blank page, find typing unpleasant or difficult or have priorities that take precedence over your active marketing actions, we can help.

Our clients are enthusiastic, motivated, go-getters who are service professionals.  We serve service professionals and organizations through commercial copywriting, editing and marketing or visibility related services. We produce high-quality communications and business materials that improve your organizationís credibility, client loyalty and profits.  Our printers, graphics team and writers work together to provide you with one stop service from concept and blank page to done deal.  Contact us now to create profit-generating results for your small business or organization.

When you speak to others about your business at events you attend, we make sure the message that comes from your lips flows off of your tongue with words that attract clients to you like bees to honey.  (And we know about bees and honey because we have an affiliation with the agricultural industry.  One of our favorite clients rescues and relocates bee hives rather than exterminating them.)  We've trimmed, rewritten and prepared executive reports, presentations and speeches that make an impact on listeners.  We've shifted nervous jitters to calm confidence.  And we can help you express yourself confidently and competently to your prospective clients.

We're out of the box thinkers our clients return to again and again for solutions and top-drawer ideas.  We are committed to motivating, inspiring and honoring the greatness in others.  Our clients have our full attention and feel like they're the only one on our calendar when we work with them because we treat all people as champions not as a number, group or class.  We truly want our clients, prospects, competitors and enemies to shine in their greatness.  It's what we're about - the greater good of all existing together.

Schedule your next project now. Our multi-industry familiarity extends to the medical, legal, real estate, records management, healthcare, government, education and eldercare forums.  Complementary services are delivered through multi-format consulting; and, include: marketing and presentation strategies, maintaining work/family balance; empowering business growth and corporate exit strategies. Ask how these services can best serve you!