Success Series Workshops

for Workplace & Family Environments

Family Caregiver Series

If you have an aging parent or relative who may need care, don’t use the Learn-As-You-Go method. It will wear you down or even kill you. Come learn from the champion who’s been through enough caregiving for 3 people.  Learn how to get the medical team’s attention and 3 critical stressors so you're ready when Mom, Dad and loved ones need care to help them during illness, treatment, surgery and aging.  Each presentation can be delivered independently. They are also structured to build on each other and be delivered in a specific or random sequence to provide maximum empowerment for heroes who are actively caring for family or loved ones.

Current topics include:

Family Caregivers Can Use Preparation, Communication & Preservation
to Reduce Stress Before Care During Illness, Aging, Treatment, or Surgery

Family Caregivers Can Get the Medical Team’s Attention During Illness,
Treatment, Surgery or Aging

When a Family Caregiver Becomes a Business Manager During
Someone’s Illness, Treatment, Surgery or Aging

Prepare for Balancing Your Caregiver Responsibilities and Workplace
Issues When Your Loved One Suddenly Needs Care. (You’ll want to tell the
boss about this! Even if you are the boss!)

Transitioning Back In To Your Own Life After Care Needs End

The Caregiver Forum: Open Question & Answer Session

Writing for Business Made Easy

Engage readers, gain credibility and clarify purpose so you can attract clients and create loyalty.

Credibility Mistakes Service Providers Make

Identify 11+ blunders so you can confidently attract and retain clients.  What you're putting out into the world through your networking, written promo or marketing materials, self-talk habits, introductions and presentation spotlights at events are all deciding factors your prospects consider when it comes time to hire you for the work they need.  Incorporating Belinda's 5 tips can improve your client attraction up to 25%.

Attract Clients with Public Speaking

Gain exposure for your business and help others see you as a highly credible, capable expert.  What comes out when you first open your mouth?  Is it what your audience needs to hear, or what you think they need to hear?  You'll be shocked at the difference between the two and how that difference can be turned into a magnet to get clients to pick you.  But you won't want to wait on this......because you're losing business with every passing moment.

Belinda speaks at luncheons, business and social events, workshops and seminars. She also leads meetings and competes in communication contests. Motivating and inspiring audiences to live their best lives possible is one of Belinda’s passions. She believes life is what we make it. It’s not about us…it’s about how and what we are able to contribute to make the world - our world - a better place. She is committed to motivating, inspiring and honoring the greatness in others; and, seeing YOU be extraordinary in your own personal and professional aspirations. And her clients, colleagues, friends and family will tell you that is absolutely true.

Natural speaking and teaching skills are woven together with Belinda’s extensive training, education and experience. She has a diversity of industry knowledge and professional experience that enables her to provide customized, industry-specific presentations, training, and education for her clients.  Belinda delights groups of all ages with her presentations. Good connection and involvement with an audience is necessary for recipients to hear the information presented and feel open and receptive to applying it in their daily lives. Belinda delivers inspirational, motivational and uplifting presentations throughout the public speaking arena. We invite you to contact us for help planning your next event.

Her new ideas and creativity boost audience involvement and receptivity. Belinda’s solutions will enrich productivity and profitability in your organization today. Her knowledge and familiarity with your organization will enhance her presentation and target the specific needs or desires of your company or audience. Let’s schedule your next speaking event now. Belinda’s presentations, training and education programs are customized and cost-specific.

Speaker, Trainer, Spokesperson or A/V Voice-Overs Needed?

Belinda enjoys speaking, training, coaching and consulting. Her audiences are diverse and encompass age 8 to 88 and all walks of life. She presents during breakout sessions, conferences, business retreats, meetings, in-house training, educational seminars and workshops. We’ll help you schedule your next speaking event, or moderate commercials, infomercials, retirement or award ceremonies.

Calling all authors! Enhance your sales when you use Belinda’s voice-overs for your educational tools, resources and audio-book media. Doesn’t your product or service deserve great presentation? Belinda will act as spokesperson for your product or service and present seminars or workshops to promote your products! We’d like to work with you to enrich your products and sales now.

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"You cemented yourself as a speaker ... nice, gutsy job ..." - Victor Broski, SpeechPro

"You do such good work." - Lauren Kelly, Past District Governor, Toastmasters International

"God has indeed gifted you!" - L. Nakamura