Writing and Marketing Support =

Increased Momentum in the Marketplace

Hear the Ka-Ching?

Like the happy sounds of a cash register, making bank deposits and seeing the balance on your bank account creep up, up, up?  Your product or service deserves great presentation! Powerful writing of your promotional materials and marketing your services consistently optimize your credibility, create client loyalty and enhance your presence in a competitive marketplace.

Your collateral marketing materials and administrative policies and procedures are the foundation of your business.  They may feel like an expense, however, they are your profit center, and the core of your business reputation in the community, and now, worldwide via Internet and social marketing.

Well-written promotional materials must engage and maintain your reader's attention while reading through your information.  But, is your reader engaged?  Does your marketing message focus on your prospect - or on the product or service you want them to purchase from you?  Think about it.  Then review your: 

  • scripts
  • e-books
  • special reports
  • website content
  • web articles
  • executive bios
  • marketing plans

  • presentation development
  • proposals
  • manuscripts
  • speeches
  • brochures
  • manuals

  • introductions

.....and other foundational documents that you provide for your sponsors, shareholders, media, publicists…..and more! Your organizational credibility and effectiveness increases when your copywriter creates energetic, enthusiastic messages. Better profits are the result! Ask if you qualify for a complimentary consultation.

Let’s face it, you happily read written material that is engaging and has spark to it. You move through the material one line, one paragraph at a time…to the end. You are engaged. Your audience must be too! Copywriting representing your organization must engage your readers and enhance your image – not reduce its credibility with your readership. Want to know if your readers are engaged with your current promotional and foundational materials? Request a complimentary review.

Belinda Sanders Consulting serves organizations through commercial copywriting, copyediting and related editorial services. We produce high-quality communications and business materials that improve your organization’s credibility, client loyalty and profits. Contact us now to create profit-generating results for your organization.

Need foundational or promotional materials created to promote awareness about your organization? Schedule your next writing project now. Our multi-industry familiarity extends to the medical, legal, real estate, government, education and eldercare forums.

Complementary services are delivered through multi-format consulting; and, include: presentation strategies, maintaining work/family balance, caring for aging loved ones; empowering business growth and corporate exit strategies. Ask how these services can best serve you!

Business Writing

Increase Your Productivity and Profitability With Solid Writing Today!

What writing projects do you have that could be created or improved? A great doctor once told us that a blank page scares her. Let our experts save you from blank pages! We’ll create, design, edit, reword or rewrite just about anything you could need in your professional or personal business endeavors.

Belinda’s powerful business writing helps develop individual and organizational leaders who sell persuasively and write and speak proficiently. Her natural writing and teaching skills are woven together with her extensive training, education and experience. We’d like to help you solve your writing needs.

Belinda has a proven track record for writing eloquently. Her solid “stick-to-your-ribs” writing, creativity and fresh perspective bring flair to your writing projects. She helps you increase your productivity and profitability with cost-specific writing when you need it. Small firms are able to compete effectively and reasonably compensate for staffing shortages. Get the solution to your sporadic writing needs now.

Versatile, Effective Writing and Quality Products

Belinda is fortunate to be a versatile writer gifted with the ability to write a variety of media including: educational and training materials, articles, stories, legal materials, speeches, advertising copy, brochures, audio/video scripts, business plans, marketing plans, web text, press releases, business materials and more… You’ll get no-hassle value for your writing needs.

She helps you create effective verbal and written communications, produce quality products, top-notch services, and improve client relationships. Belinda also teaches writing and grammar skills workshops; and, basic through advanced communications skills to all levels of management. Let our experts help you make life easier today!

"You're a GOOD writer!" - R. Hudson, Senior Editor, California State University Dominguez Hills